Welcome, You have stumbled across the Ips-mesh wireless networking project that is based in ipswich queensland australia. Ips-Mesh is using 2.4ghz 802.11B/G equipment to interlink different parts of the ipswich and surrounding areas, If you have any questions regarding our network contact ipsmesh at ips-mesh.net

UPDATE: March 13, Ips-mesh/Briscomp have done trials using embedded hardware and have succeed in getting 1.1 - 1.3MB/sec throughput to the west of marbug. In the coming months the link from ipswich to brisbane will be replaced with the same hardware used in the tests. Following that link in to brismesh via anstead.

Ips-mesh Now has Open Nodes for people of the local community to access local content without the need of internet access, In addition to the content below ips-mesh now has a backbone link in to briscomp wireless network in brisbane. Briscomps ip address arrangements can be seen to the right. Performance we are getting at the moment is about 7-9 Ms reply's.
BrisComp Network
10.171.128/24 middle_park.   10.171.24/24 mile_rocks
10.171.16/24 oxley 10.171.28/24 edenbrooke
10.171.160/24 westlake 10.171.32/24 sinnamon_park
10.171.200/24 bellbowrie 10.171.64/24 jindalee
10.171.248/24 anstead 10.171.36/24 windermere
10.171.224/24 pullenvale    
Local Audio Streams
Ips-mesh Now Relays "Club977 80s Channel" And "Club 977 Hitz Channel" in high quality 128kb Streams over Ips-mesh and Briscomp Networks
View Content Page for details
If you are connecting via our open nodes you are welcome to visit the sites below that peer with ips-mesh project
Local Information on ipswich. Live web cams and Weather information
greatcoastalgetaways.com Discount Holiday packages
Not much to see
ips-mesh.net Ipswich Wireless Community network
Users Web site
adriankaminski.com Users Web site
Johns Crazy project photos,
vkradio.org.au Ipswich and District Radio club
Knocked Up Web site design
lindastreet.com.au Country music Singer Linda Street
Referred Music
rimfm.com Rim FM
Vk4-rkp - Ipswich Television (Ham radio)
imrg.ips-mesh.net Radio Comms
Television and sound production services
seqweather.com Weather site coming soon
vhp06.ips-mesh.net Vhp06 Ipswich Central Repeater Web site rightwingstudios.com  rightwingstudios Web Designs
Acacia Country at South's Junior Leagues
southspeckincountry.com.au South's Peckin' Country Music