2.4ghz Test link from
 Mt. Crosby to Ipswich

more pics

The link test from Mt. Crosby to Ipswich witch was a distance of 9.8km was a success, The signal to noise ratio was sitting at 27 (good connection), noise was from 100db to 97, The antenna's used was a hills 25db grid, with a Compaq wl110 35mw card with ~2mtrs of rg-213
Thanks goes to Ipswich & District radio Club inc.

The view looking redbank way
Ipswich - looks like bundamba ?

West of Ipswich
hehe, howdie  :)

Ipswich to the left
The antenna set-up, Hills 25db grid on tree :)

the E-old laptop sitting on the car connected

Another snap of the laptop
The tower up there